To be eligible for membership of the EFCPP&OA, the following criteria applies:
The following persons are eligible to become members of the EFCPP&OA:

Full Membership
(i) All past players who have played one or more senior games with EFC; or
(ii) Players who have played a minimum of 20 games with the EFC’s Reserve Grade in the VFL/AFL competitions.
(iii) All former Senior Office Bearers of the EFC.

Definition of Senior Office Bearers:
(a) Members of the Board of Management of the EFC who have served a minimum of 6 years (2 terms).
(b) Secretaries/General Managers/Chief Executive Officers of the EFC.
(c) Senior Coaches of the EFC.

(iv) Trainers/Medical/Para-Medical and Football Support Staff of the EFC Senior Club with at least 10 years of appointed service.
(v) EFC Life Member (including Reserve Grade Life Members) who do not qualify under any of the above positions.
(vi) Members of the EFC Social Committee with at least 10 years service.

Membership Application
If there are viewers to this Website who believe they are eligible to be members of our Association, please fill in the Membership Application form and return as instructed.

Membership Application form

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