In this Age of Tweets, Twitter, Ipods, Googling and the Net,
There is still time to reminisce – some things you don’t forget.
‘Tis 50 years since ’62- the premiership we won,
The Dons victorious o’er Navy Blues- Oh! boy we had such fun!

The legendary John Coleman, in second year as Coach
He changed us from "The Gliders", to the team they feared the most.
Charismatic, astute tactician, strong views on how to play,
One look from John was quite enough- he didn’t have to say.

By season’s end, only losing two, we sat League Ladder top
The Cats and Blues would challenge us, our run they tried to stop.
Hard fought finals, including draw , for the Flag it came to two ,
The Red and Black v. long term foe- the hated Navy Blue!

Come Grand Final Day , the MCG – excitement at its best
But high drama in the Bombers room – a vital fitness test….
Big ruckman Geoff our Vice Captain with injured leg strapped tight
Was asked to kick a medicine ball to prove that he was right.
"Sprunga "Leek stepped up , with anxious frown and gave the ball a kick,
It sailed right on , and with a smile , the Selectors gave a tick,
Weeks later on did Geoff confess to some duplicity[ but not bereft!]
He had kicked the ball with his fine right foot and not with injured left!!

Captain courageous Jackie Clark was B.O.G. for sure.
His early goal looms memory large – it made our spirits soar.
‘Twas forward pocket Richmond end, hemmed in on boundary line,
With three defenders charging in to iron him or confine,
Jack baulked, blind turned , and baulked again , then side stepped one, two, three,
Then slotted through an angled goal – a life time memory !!

Ruckman Leek despite crook leg, held big John Nick at bay,
Allowing rovers Clarke ,Mitchell, Birt, to dominate the play,
4 goals to Birty ,2 each to Mitch and Clarke, set up a winning score,
Try as they might the Carlton boys could not get off the floor.

The backline played with dash and flair; their understanding tight,
Fullback "Spook" Doran’s mighty torps would set the fans alight.
Back pockets "Macca " and David Shaw , were solid, tough and strong,
Blues forwards had a torrid time- they wouldn’t sing their song!

Half backs Epis, Shelton , Davis- Oh! What an awesome crew!
All Victorian Guernsey men-with skills and toughness too.
Flankers" Kooka "and young Davis beat their men with skill and flare
While" Bluey " tore the packs apart , and all shirt fronts were fair!!!

Our Centre line was far too good for Carlton’s earnest three,
Russell, Cappy and GB- first to the ball …. all played relentlessly.
Their hard ball gets, their speed and skill had Blue boys on the run,
And tough nut " Beiss" was never shy of having extra "fun".

Half forwards, "Slim" Sommer..," Johnno",.. "Frizz " ,all played their roles with verve
Against tough backs they soldiered on and never lost their nerve ,
Creating space on forward line, allowing runners free,
Such discipline and team work , commitment was the key

Full forward teenager Charlie Payne- the young colt from the bush,
His robust strength opened up the goals with lots of shove and push.
Strong Pocket Timms and livewire Birt led backs a merry dance,
Their scoring shots put paid to Blues of any winning chance.

With bench "Goo" Gosper and big "Sambo" keen to join the fray,
They both came on towards the end and showed that they could play.
The siren went with joyous scenes to celebrate the win,
And now it’s time for Bomber teams to repeat this joy agin!!!


Poem by Ken Fraser (played in the 1962 Team)

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